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Gentle Raan

When it comes to the raan it is one of those meat dishes which has enjoyed long-standing appeal among most hardcore meat aficionados. The raan is the whole leg of mutton and the dish is renowned for its soft and delicate texture. It is made of goat meat. The forelegs of the goat called the […]

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Royal Hyderabadi

In the nineteenth century, an anthology of recipes from the royal household of Nawab Sir Asman Jah Bahadur, the prime minister of Hyderabad was compiled by the manager of his kitchens, Ghulam Mahbub Hyderabadi. This cookbook was enormous. It included around 680 recipes and was titled Khwan Nemat-e-Asafiya or The Beneficient Table of the Asafiya […]

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Delightful Morsels

The Delhi Sultanate had a wide impact on the cultural fabric of the Indian continent and its reach extended to all sectors of cultural life. Food was no exception to this dynastic influence. A rare gem in this regard was the fifteenth-century manuscript, the Nimatnama or The Book of Delights, a cookbook containing recipes of […]

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Action Meat /Junglee Maans

In the city of Sawar in Ajmer, Rajasthan has created a dish so full of adventure and daring. Shikaar or hunting has been a royal pastime in India for millennia. Many epic stories and historical events have taken place around the spectacle of the hunt. The Maharaja of Sarwar lorded over the city which was […]

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Most Popular Mutton Curries Across India

Amongst the various varieties of meat dishes in all over India, mutton curries hold a huge fan following. Some of the most famous mutton curry recipes that you can also try at your home. Amongst the various varieties of the meat dishes in all over India, mutton products have continually earned a more prominent fan […]

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Benefits Of Pork In Your Diet

Pork is known as the white meat also. As the pork can be a great source of fibrous protein such as poultry. It grants a lot of the equivalent nutrients as the beef usually including very less fat as well as calories, However, it depends on the cut as well as on the preparation.  Facts […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Seafood

Seafood is delightful as well as easy to cook. As we understand that seafood has a lot of benefits for our health. If you are searching for a delicious, easy to prepare a dish with comprehensive health benefits, then seafood is the most delicious alternative to go. As recommended by specific USDA, you must incorporate […]

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Top 20 Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss

As many of us want to lose our weight, we also have, in the manner, we have cut down the fatty foods, considering that these are the foremost culprits. But the keto diet has been truly a pro-game-changer as farway as fracturing this myth persists. On the covering of this, low-carb, high-fat,  diet is highly […]

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