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Mutton Boneless

The Gigg’s boneless mutton cut is a prized meat item as it is prepared from the highly popular leg meat. Each piece will weigh between 35 to 40 grams.

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| 500 g | Frozen

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Mutton, when eaten with the bone on it, is the most delicious, however, few people like to eat it without bone and we at Giggsmeat offer the best boneless mutton in Guwahati online. We only use the leg meat to prepare the boneless pieces and the pieces approximately weigh around 35 to 40 gams. The meat in the mutton leg is extremely succulent and melts in the mouth, since its the dark meat it contains a lot of flavors and a lot of fat which makes it even more delicious. You can make a variety of dishes from the Boneless mutton and you can invent many recipes and experiment with flavors. You can grill, roast, fry, bake the boneless mutton and enjoy its juices and tenderness.

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Weight 500 g


Shikha Ghai Tyagi

Saket, New Delhi

The gigg’s chicken patties we got are bursting with flavour ! They don’t have the usual taste or texture of frozen meats. They tasted just like freshly minced chicken patties. Made the most amazing burgers at home with these ready to grill patties!

Tanisha Dewan

East of Kailash, New Delhi

I have been on the lookout for preservative-free poultry products and my search ended with Anmol Gourmet. Not only are their products preservative-free but are absolutely finger-licking delicious! Must try the nuggets and salami.

Ankur Talwar,

C.R.Park, New Delhi

My mother has gone crazy after tasting the mutton and patties. It’s out of the world

Gehena Puri

Panchsheel Park, New Delhi

Excellent quality of mutton, it is juicy and tender makes it ideal for cooking it right

Nikita Singh

Tried the most amazing, juicy, fresh and healthy chicken seekh from Gigg's. It surely guaranties you the best quality Seekh in the market. A must try product!! Super easy to cook and serve.

Prasanna Jena

I tried "Gigg's Meat " Chicken Salami & Kebabs . My first reaction was WoW. It was soft , aromatic .Fry it or bake it . The taste remains same. I would give them 💯 out of 💯.


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