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Why Giggs?

100% Natural

The livestock are sourced directly from local farms where the animals are reared in hygienic and free-range environment.

Premium Quality Meat

Every step of the cutting process is supervised by our team of experienced meat professionals to able to offer premium quality cuts and meat.

Packed with Care

Each order is packed in a hygienic and temperature controlled environment in the morning for delivery.

Delivered Fresh

The meats are cut, packed and delivered in less than 16 hours to the customers to retain their freshness for a longer time.

Chennai’s Most Tender Chicken in bulk

Giggs Meat delivers bulk chicken products in Chennai. We provide the best quality and organic chicken in bulk in Chennai. The not only fresh raw chicken we also have frozen chicken. We have a huge variety of chicken products like Pre- Order Turkey Chicken Online Delivery, Chicken Curry Cut & Mutton Mince Combo offer, Chicken Salami & Chicken Seekh Kebab Combo offer, Chicken Curry Cut – Large, Chicken Leg with Thigh (Whole), Chicken Wings – Skinless, Chicken Thigh (Boneless), Chicken Breast (Boneless) | Chicken Drumstick, and Chicken Curry Cut – Tandoori. To order fresh and organic chicken in bulk in Chennai order from and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Chennai’s Most Succulent Mutton in Bulk

Giggsmeat specializes in mutton and lamb and the quality of the meat product is extravagant. We offer the most tender and succulent mutton, we also take bulk orders for both raw and frozen mutton. Giggsmeat delivers bulk meat in Chennai to big hotels, restaurants, event organizers, exporters, caterers, etc. We believe in delivering fresh and frozen meat of high quality and we do not compromise with quality at any cost. The price of our bulk mutton and lamb products are also very pocket friendly and the quality of products is very fine. Order bulk mutton and lamb both fresh and frozen at in Chennai.

The Healthiest Pork in Chennai in Bulk.

Giggsmeat delivers the best quality and healthiest pork at your doorstep directly from the Scottish farms. We offer all types of cold cut pork like  Pork Smoked Frankfurter, Pork Smoked Back Bacon, Chicken Salami, Chicken Smoked Sausage, and Pork Smoked Ham. Pork meat has great flavors and also very famous meat across the globe and also it has great health benefits. Giggsmeat ensures great quality and taste to all of our users. To experience the best pork in Chennai order online through Giggsmeat and you never forget the experience. If you relish pork and you can’t resist your craving and have no time just pick up your phone and order the choice of your pork from in Chennai.

The Freshest Fish in Chennai in Bulk.

Giggs Meat provides the freshest fish in Chennai in Bulk quantity. Since Chennai is a coastal city and people love to eat fish and enjoy them on all occasions. Eating fresh fish will give you amazing taste and flavour and the fish would be extra juicy. Giggs Meat ensures you deliver the freshest and tender fish that will melt in your mouth in Chennai in bulk quantity. Giggs Meat has an extensive menu of frozen fish like Sole Fillet, Pomfret, Katla, Indian Basa, and Surmai. Giggs Meat delivers you the best quality fish at the lowest price in bulk in Chennai.

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Order Bulk Meats in Chennai by Best Meat Products Dealer in Chennai

Giggs Meat is your one-stop fresh raw meat delivery store. Here you will get the Fresh Raw Chicken, Fish, Mutton, Exotic Fish, Cold Cuts, Seafood, Meat, Ready to Eat, Marinated Fish, Ready to Fry straight to your doorstep. And now you can order meat online anytime according to your convenience. Indulge in our diverse selection: Fish, Mutton, Seafood, Chicken, Marinated items, Ready to Eat, and Cold Cuts. All our meat products are 100% Fresh, Halal, and Perfectly hygienic, natural as well as healthy. And once you will experience Giggs Meat, you will overlook the more traditional methods of buying meat products.

Order the best quality fresh Chicken, Mutton, Fish, &  Seafood online at Giggs Meat.

Now you can order bulk meat products online in Chennai with the satisfaction of dedicated fresh raw meat products that are brought to you quickly at your doorstep. Gigg’s Meat strives to endeavor the best online raw meat buying experience over significant cities in India like Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and more. The raw meat is easy and simple to use by Innovative technology assuring one best customer experience.

Order in bulk the best quality fresh Chicken, Mutton, Fish, & Pork online at Giggs Meat

As the best online fresh raw meat shop is here for granting you an exceptional online fresh meat buying experience. Here at Giggs Meat, we provide the bulk order of high-quality & Fresh & Frozen Chicken in Chennai, Fish in Chennai, Mutton in Chennai, Pork in Chennai, Ready to Eat, Cold Cuts online. Wide varieties of the acquisitions of the Fresh raw meat through customers to choose from- Chicken Breast (Boneless), Chicken Curry Cut – Large, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Salami, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Curry Cut (Puth, Raan, Nalli, and Chap), Mutton Seekh Kebab, Pork Chop, and many more. With an extremely easy web portal, Giggs meat is the best meat supplier in Chennai for all the meat products that aims to present an easy step-wise buying experience including fast as well as prompt delivery. Here at Giggs meat, our payment gateways are very safe moreover secure by multiple payment options. We also provide the choice of cash on the delivery to ease the shopping experience.

We constantly show our wholesale meat products that exist in stocks as well as you can order bulk meat order on the website. At Giggs, you will get fresh & Frozen Meat in bulk!

Why Giggs Meat

Giggs Meat is the foremost raw meat supplier in Chennai. Our websites have a supply chain running across the Indian coastline for fresh raw meat. We aim to provide fresh raw bulk meat orders all over India. And we are retained in providing the high quality, freshest, hygienic as well as most extensive varieties of fresh raw meat that will satisfy your taste as well as appetite. Giggs Meat offers secure payment options complete worry-free purchase. And for a hassle-free buying experience, we likewise possess cash on delivery choice. Gigg’s Meat, share your appreciation of the fine meats as well as we place in all our enthusiasm in crafting as well as delivering the tenderest, freshest, juiciest, tastiest as well as healthiest meats. Here are some points why you should order bulk meat orders in Chennai from us:

Freshness – Giggs Provide Fresh & Frozen Meat In Chennai

Though the ease of ordering the fresh meats online could outweigh the benefits of ordering bulk meat from a specific local market, the freshness of the meat product is not constantly assured. Gigg’s Meat work extremely hard to present the freshest stock of raw meat to our buyers. We guarantee that our raw meats are sourced immediately from the local farms where specific animals are raised in a hygienic as well as a free-range environment. Because we ensure super-fast deliveries, specific meats are cut, packed as well as shipped in fewer than 24 hours, and can retain their freshness for a more extended time.

Affordable – Best Meat Wholesaler in Chennai

Most of the meat buyers are discouraged from ordering meats online because of high costs moreover risk of quality. Gigg’ss Meats provides a highly affordable moreover convenient choice to all meat lovers. And also sometimes, when people order raw meat online, they may receive low-quality meat that is inadequate for consumption. You will end up throwing away most pieces of exceptional meat. That rarely justifies the amount they paid for specific meat. At Gigg’s Meat, the raw meat product is already high grade as well as prime quality, guaranteeing no wastages, great taste, furthermore, the total value for the money.

Premium quality cuts & meats – Best Meat Suppliers in Chennai

One of the benefits of ordering fresh raw meat online for the customers is the assurance of good cuts. Gigg’s Meat delivers on a specific count including full responsibility. Our team of dedicated meat professionals supervises as well as handles each step of the specific cutting process into a hygienic moreover temperature-controlled atmosphere. We are thereby prepared to offer our buyers high-quality cuts of fresh raw meat without negotiating on taste & safety.

Tremendous customer satisfaction

Gigg’s Meat likes to stay tuned through the tastes & preferences of the meat lovers. Over the period, Gigg’s Meat has worked by care & love for earning the trust of potential customers. We are extremely proud of our loyal buyer base who possess encouraged as well as support us to maintain the high norms that we have continually endeavored for and we consider giving high satisfaction to every customer with each purchase.

Enjoy Buying Raw Meat at Giggs Meat

To provide you an excellent shopping experience Gigg’s Meat has a user-friendly website, that is easy to browse as well as navigate. We render you a high standard of Quality Meat Products moreover Value for the Money to all the potential customers. With timely delivery as well as the most high-grade customer service, you will acquire the most satisfying shopping experience by best fresh raw meat products at the most desirable prices.

Gigg’s meat has begun with a complete approach to supply bulk meat orders in Chennai to customers with exclusively the best as well as high-grade meats that are sourced directly from the local farms. Top-quality, prefect-cut meats remain our specialty. We at Gigg’s Meat pride ourselves on our dedication to supplying wholesale meat orders. Let’s take a look at some of our main online meat products:

Gigg’s Meat Fresh – Raw Chicken Online

For every meat-lover, having satisfying chicken means a lot. Furthermore, being a good food-lover ourselves, and Giggs meat make sure to accommodate you by the hygienic & organic raw chicken right from the farm. We are the best meat suppliers in Chennai for fresh and frozen meat, chicken, pork, Fish products in Chennai.

Chicken remains one such versatile meat that used to go with almost every cuisine intelligently. Be it the fun barbecue, aromatic Indian curries, deep-fried platter, or even the salad… chicken can match an essential part of any of the meals.

Order Fresh Raw Chicken Online

Specific health benefits of the chicken, particularly the fresh chicken that is available online goes also beyond just the exceptional taste. It’s a complete package to one protein-rich meal, chicken presents incredible aid to the people who are looking for a healthy diet as well as wishing to maintain the weight. Furthermore, Chicken has a lot of benefits than exactly what satisfies the eyes. Specific selenium in the chicken benefits in keeping the specific metabolism of your body highly effective. Your bones, as well as teeth, are healthier, and if you are an enthusiastic consumer of the chicken that is about 3 to 4 times per week.

Order Online Bulk Chicken from Gigg’s Meat!

To visit any chicken store each time you have a craving signifies not practically possible. Because of timings, distance, traveling, etc. It can all proceed against you if there is a swift or unsatisfied desire to beget delicious chicken. That is where Gigg’s Meat in the picture. We recommend you opt for the smarter way furthermore Order Organic Raw Chicken Online from Gigg’s Meat.

Fast & Safe Online Bulk Chicken Order Delivery

Gigg’s Meat, recognizing the growing demand for digitalization in each sector of this world has built your love concerning exceptional food easier. Gigg’s Meat supplies you fresh wholesale chicken online in Chennai that is right from the farm. We appreciate as well as relates to the people who possess unconditional love for the food. Gigg’s Meat used to make sure for presenting them with nothing but it is most beneficial. Our meat products remain free of preservatives, toxic chemicals, artificial flavors as well as hormones. Our online raw chicken delivery manner involves the different cold chain policy. We make sure to deliver specific meat products to you on that same day it is butchered, therefore maintaining the purity, authenticity, as well as freshness of our wholesale meat products. To endure the magic of the taste and burst of flavors yourself, order bulk chicken order from us now!


For those who are a non-vegetarian moreover looking for something healthy & tasty, Then fish signifies the food for you! As the fish ranks amongst the top healthiest food in this world. Preeminent in various health factors connected with it signify beneficial for every individual. And if you are seeming for vitamin, protein as well as healthy fats, all blended in entirety, then you require to order wholesale exotic seafood online from Gigg’s Meat!

Fresh Fish & Seafood Bulk Order Home Delivery In Chennai

There is surely one thing regarding each hardcore seafood lovers is that they can be hungry anytime. When you will ask them like ‘what is the good time to have seafood’, one universal answer of them will be, ‘every time, or anytime!’ That is the purpose why Gigg’s Meat chose to deliver them fresh seafood online, rather than going to the local seafood shops nearby all time you perceive a craving is almost not possible.

Therefore how do you recognize that the fresh fish delivered to your home by Gigg’s Meat is fresh or not? Easy! Look for a few common signs in your fish to understand fully yourself.

Guarantee of Freshness Bulk Seafood Order

The fish provided by Gigg’s Meat will never beget the typical ‘fishy’ smell. It used to smell like the ocean either freshwater. Specific eyes of those fish will never signify cloudiness; on specific contrary, it will be the little bulging as well as clear. Moreover, the gills of specific fish will remain either pink or red, no dry also slimy. To understand whether your fillets as well as steaks remain fresh or not, check the flesh. The flesh separating from itself remains one red sign that you require to view out for. Overall, if you order bulk exotic seafood online by Gigg’s Meat, you will never get spongy consistency, brown or yellow edges, or any sort of stain as they tend as the aging fish.

Therefore, the next time while you get the desire to order online Prawn, Basa, Trout, as well as Salmon fish online, always remember that Gigg’s Meat is just one click away! You can order now wholesale seafood for the most beneficial seafood experience!

Order Wholesale Pork Meat Online At Best Price In Chennai

Gigg’s Meat is one of the best wholesale raw meat suppliers in Chennai.

It provides the most high-grade quality pork that is provided online where you can order the fresh raw chicken online and you can moreover have fresh pork delivered to your doorstep promptly at your doorstep & you can be sure about it freshness as well as taste! Most of the peoples from Chennai order bulk pork meat online from Gigg’s Meat as it the best raw meat supplier in Chennai. You can browse at our website through an extensive range of specific fresh raw meat products to order bulk fresh pork online, or just you can insert a specific meat product name that you want to buy in the specific search tab further be greeted by the relevant outcomes. We facilitate stock wholesale raw meat products to purvey the taste buds of you and your loved ones, consequently when you are thinking to give online bulk order of pork meat now you completely know where you need to proceed. You just have to visit the website of Gigg’s Meat the best wholesale raw meat supplier in Chennai, where you can Shop from a various variety of raw pork meat such as Pork Belly, Pork Boneless, Pork Chop, Pork Curry Cut, Pork Tenderloin, Pork Rib, Pork Shank, etc. You can furthermore get exclusive offers with our most suitable raw meat products.

Fresh Pork Bulk Order Home Delivery In Chennai

Gigg’s Meat presents the quickest home delivery of bulk orders of raw pork meat in Chennai. Specific fresh pork meat products that are delivered by the best wholesale raw meat supplier Gigg’s Meat treat tastes reasonably good, fresh, healthy for our body. You can also order from a variety of fresh pork meat products such as Pork Belly, Pork Boneless, Pork Chop, Pork Curry Cut, Pork Tenderloin, Pork Rib, Pork Shank, and more only at Gigg’s Meat the best online raw meat shop. Because Gigg’s Meat is the top raw meat wholesale raw meat supplier in Chennai.

Wholesale Online Mutton Shop – Order without Fear!

Just imagine guests arriving at your home for dinner. And now imagine preparing various sets of the likewise food that you will be serving them moreover consuming yourself. You would not right? Therefore why purchase such quality meat that the butchers will possess a problem consuming themselves? At Gigg’s Meat, we present you with the freshest raw meat that we also wouldn’t hesitate to consume ourselves. The specific quality of the products remains such that we justify by its taste each time.

Mutton and Lamb Meat remains the most popular red meat. It is broadly consumed moreover loved by the people to its unique as well as delicious taste all above. Apart from this mouth-watering as well as luscious taste, Mutton has a lot of health advantages as well.

Incredible Benefits to Order Bulk Mutton Meat online

Ruminants signify certain mammals that are feed on the green plants as well as ferment it before digesting with the nourishment of microbial actions. The Goats remain one such ruminant that’s meat includes a special kind of fatty acid, Selenium, and Choline which prevents cancer. A lot of people think that Mutton improves body weight. In the contrast, when you order mutton online from Gigg’s Meat which is completely pure and organic right from the farm, you purchase the meat that includes an extremely low amount of saturated fat and a high amount of lean protein as well as Vitamin B. Certain nutrients assist you within cutting down fat also maintain the body weight. Raw mutton meat can be the most beneficial diet for women throughout pregnancy. This also prevents anemia, blood quality, improves blood supply as well as hemoglobin that will help the child to remain healthy during birth. This meat also reduces the risk of birth deficits in the child, like the neural tube flaws.

Order Wholesale Raw Mutton Online – Choose pure, Choose Giggs Meat!

There are a plethora of conditions that are applied when you conclude to purchase meat from the Meat stores near you. The specific risk of purchasing impure, stale, tasteless meat signifies extremely high when you purchase meat from the local mutton shops. And on the other hand, Gigg’s Meat guarantees you a broad range of the Organic mutton as well as Fresh Lamb Meat produce according to your requirement, that is fresh, pure, as well as butchered on the right same day…some of our raw mutton meat products are Mutton Boneless, Mutton Brain, Mutton Chops, Mutton Curry Cuts, ( Puth, Raan, Nalli, and Chap), Mutton Curry Cut (Shoulder), Mutton Kapur (Testicles), Mutton Kidney, Mutton Liver, Mutton Mince (Keema, Mutton Raan, Mutton Rib, Mutton Ribs & Chops, Mutton Shank, Mutton Soup Chops, etc. all of that, with the promise of pleasant taste.

Order Bulk Cold Cuts Online At Best Price In Chennai

Gone are those days when the cold cuts and cold meats remained just for the breakfast buffets. The Cold cut meat such as pork salami, Chicken Smoked Sausage, Pork Smoked Back Bacon, Pork Smoked Frankfurter, Pork Smoked Ham, and chicken ham remains extensively used in the sandwiches, sliders, and the variety of the salads. The cold cuts can benefit you to prevent certain nutrient deficiencies. As the cold Cuts is a good source of protein, that is a necessary nutrient to maintaining the muscle mass also supporting a healthy immune system for combating infections. Essential minerals such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B-12 signify other nutrients seen in many sorts of cold cuts such as chicken sausage or smoked ham are necessary to preserve the human body strong & fit. The meals that you consume with the cold cuts influence specific nutritional values of the meal either snack therefore this is an essential decision to make. As it is sufficient to avoid mayo & high-fat alternatives however some avocado spread over a few cold cuts with the toast can be quite one healthy and filling breakfast. And those who are annoyed by plain, as well as flavorless sausages, can try the specific cold cuts- a mixture of the natural taste of meat.

Fresh Cold Cuts Bulk Order Home Delivery In Chennai

The most high-grade quality cold cuts are now provided online at Gigg’s Meat and you can likewise have them delivered it to your doorstep quickly at the time of your selection & you can simply store it in your freezer! And you can further garnish it with the herbs or put it in the sandwich or on the burger. Thee Chicken, as well as pork sausage, can additionally be utilized if you are a fan of the cold cuts. You can browse through a broad range of raw meat products to order bulk cold cuts online, or simply you can enter a specific item name in a specific search tab moreover be greeted by relevant consequences. We further stock wholesale meat products to cater to the taste buds, therefore when you intend to try something delicious now you know where to proceed. Shop from a diverse variety of pork salami, Chicken Smoked Sausage, Pork Smoked Back Bacon, Pork Smoked Frankfurter, Pork Smoked Ham, and chicken ham online at Gigg’s Meat. You can likewise buy exclusive offers with the most suitable products.

Cold Cuts are versatile, consumed on the go, moreover complementing any sort of cuisine, the cold cuts proffer for excellent breakfasts. Gigg’s Meat offers variants of the sausages and salamis. as they are ready-to-eat, they need minimal cookery. It’s the specific flavor of the meats that remains the highlight, including one slight infusion of the smokiness or the spiciness. The cold cuts are surely one food saviors furthermore they up this food game to one different level

Order Bulk Ready To Eat Online At Best Price In Chennai

The Indian non-veg appetite remains fondly rendered by a variety of food items such as Chicken Burger Patty, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Mutton Burger Patty, and more. Being in Chennai, maintaining the char-grilled flavors of the Kebabs is surely not possible moreover to satiate the palate, Gigg’s Meat provides you mouth-watering ready-to-eat delicacies that will provide you the extremely same aroma of Chennai. These ready to eat dishes remain a go-to recipe for any of the house party also for specific times that you don’t want to get in the nuisance of devoting continuance prepping specific dishes. Order now the wholesale ready to eat meat products to take your delivery in Chennai Quickly at your doorstep.

Fresh Ready-To-Eat Bulk Order Home Delivery In Chennai

Gigg’s Meat provides the fastest home delivery of the bulk order of ready to eat in Chennai. The ready-to-Eat meat products delivered by Gigg’s Meat delicacy tastes fairly good if eaten plain also you can have it fried. You can order from a range of ready to eat meat products such as Chicken Burger Patty, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Mutton Burger Patty, and more exclusively at Gigg’s Meat. As it is the best raw meat wholesale supplier in Chennai.

Get Quick Delivery Of Wholesale Meat Products & Multiple Payment Options At Gigg’s Meat, The Best Wholesale Supplier Of Raw Meat

Gigg’s Meat is the best wholesale supplier of raw meat and is today Chennai’s foremost online store for raw meat products all over the globe. At Gigg’s Meat we pride ourselves on our quick delivery service, utterly put, it’s swift moreover the products are prepared in such a method that they aren’t degraded. We have also multiple payment choices, you can pay it through card or you can also pay it by cash on delivery, Gigg’s Meat the best online wholesale meat supplier in Chennai accepts all sorts of payment options. Ordering at our online portal has various benefits – You can have exclusive Offers on many products, all of certain by buying only on Gigg’s Meat the best online wholesale meat supplier. Just try any online raw meat from Gigg’s Meat moreover treat your loved ones and your taste buds with a fragrant spectacular of the culinary delight. Gigg’s Meat offers a kind of exclusive products such as Chicken, Pork, Mutton, Cold Cuts, and ready to eat. Visit our online meat shop for fresh raw meat products.
If you are seeming for a reliable, quality wholesale raw meat supplier, then Gigg’s Meat is the best site to meet your requirements.

Quality Of The Wholesale Raw Meat Online At Giggs Meat

We source great quality raw meat products from suppliers with complete product traceability.

Our wholesale range can cope as well as accommodate all the online raw meat orders from the multiple pallets to the individual cases. Here at Gigg’s Meat, each raw meat product is cut, packed, and boxed to our every customer’s requirements including any meat either poultry, whether available either available through the sourcing! If you are a big retailer or a small caterer, You can contact us for your requirements moreover let us quote on your requirements directly!


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