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18 Best Meat Dishes For The Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party can exert a lot of energy & effort, particularly when it proceeds to that special dinner menu. Although it is additionally completely worth it moreover rather painless if you understand how to get things more comfortable for yourself within the kitchen. If you desire to relish your subsequent dinner party as significant as the guests do, specific passkey lies into opting for the recipes that seem & taste gastronome without needing master chef abilities. 

However, if you are searching for something a few low-keys that will furthermore deliver your dinner guests completely satisfied as well as impressed, then you are at the precise place. We have provided a menu of 25 meat dishes for the dinner party you have lots of choices to pick from. Just scroll through our 25 easy meat dishes for the dinner party that will satisfy the meat lovers, also whoever else gathers throughout your next celebration.

Here in this blog, we have presented our 25 best meat dishes for the dinner party to assist you to get begun. From chicken and mutton to pork and fish, there are many meat dishes that you can prepare for your dinner party

 Chicken Kebab

The Chicken Kebab is soft & juicy, moreover tastes great while it signifies served hot. And this marvelous selection can simply go by any chutney either dip according to your preference. You can formulate two possibilities in this, by creating one spicy moreover another one not very spicy so that each guest in your party can relish this dish completely.


Every dish that is made in the tandoor remains astounding and also people relish it. Also, you can make one separate tandoori part by adding chicken, mutton, fish & seafood dishes, moreover, you can serve some pleasant tandoori dish to the guest. Concerning serving this along with something, you can make two or three various kinds of dip by presenting it as spicy, sweet as well as sour.


A single dinner party dish that is relished by all non-veg lovers. As biryani signifies the must-have dish to add to your party menu. This dinner dish does not demand anything more including itself. One plate of the biryani signifies a complete meal. To proceed with the biryani, raita remains the most reliable, however, you can additionally serve this by including some mint & chili chutney as well as a fresh salad. The biryani can be prepared with mutton, chicken, or also by eggs. There are several different variations of biryani, consequently, you can pick the most desirable that satisfies your taste buds moreover put it on your menu for the dinner party.


The prawns or Shrimps signify all-time picks for sea-food enthusiasts. You can incorporate a variety of dishes made of the prawns. Also, You can incorporate prawn in the starters as well in the dinner too. You can add Prawn Curry to your dinner party. You can serve prawn curry by including plain rice.

 Mutton Kebab

The Mutton Kebab can be prepared in several ways. As you can make Boti Kabab Seekh Kebab, or Tikiya Kabab by Mutton; all of these are mouth-watering and tastes delightful. You can serve this with some chutney either dip moreover freshly chopped onions plus lemon.

 Non-Veg Noodles

As the children prefer noodles moreover you can very smartly present it as a healthy alternative for your kids also for your dinner party. Whether you place some eggs and else chicken in the noodles; this is perpetually mouth-watering. If you desire to prepare something unique as well as delicious then you can also prepare fried shrimp noodles. Simultaneously including the non-veg, Also you can serve your noodles with amazing Chicken Soup as well as Chicken Manchurian.

 Chicken Manchurian

You can prepare Chicken Manchurian for starters and or your dinner party also. It can be stored dry or by including some gravy as the preference of your guests. You can serve Chicken Manchurian gravy with fried rice, paratha, or noodles. Manchurian with Noodles is truly an exceptional combination in a specific food world.

 Mutton Curry

Accompanying chicken curry, you can additionally incorporate some mutton curry on your dinner party menu. Some of the choices for mutton curry are lamb handi, khatta ghost, rogan josh as well as lamb korma. You can serve the mutton curry with rice or it can be served with any variety of Indian bread.

 Chicken Curry

For your dinner party, you can pick the chicken curry concerning your selection. You can pick any of the various choices prepared in curry. Spicy Kadai Chicken, Creamy Butter Chicken, Haramurg Curry, Chicken Korma, and Chicken Stew, are the extremely traditional chicken curry dishes for the dinner party. You can serve the chicken curry by an amazing Indian-style pulao, poori as well as plain paratha.


In your dinner party, you can have a variety of rolls choices to place on your party menu. And if you are planning a prominent party, then you should create a separate segment only concerning rolls. Also, you can serve specific rolls without any inside choice because it signifies already made with many of the chutneys as well as cream. chicken roll, Egg roll, a well as mutton roll signify some alternatives for your dinner party. You can pick as per your preference moreover can make variations within the fillings of your rolls such as cheesy chicken roll, egg chicken roll, egg roll, either mutton egg roll.

 Grilled Chicken Escalope including Fresh Salsa

The chicken marinated within home-made flavoring powder moreover green paste. Cooked to completion as well as served including a fresh salsa of the grapes, cherry tomatoes as well as spring onion. you can serve it in your dinner party menu.

 Mutton Korma

You can add mutton korma to your dinner party, As one flavourful mutton curry, wherever specific meat signifies stirred including garlic-ginger paste, curd, cloves, cinnamon sticks as well as cardamom. It is a super delightful dinner party menu that would depart you craving extra.

 Tandoori Lamb Chops

The lamb chops marinated within strained yogurt as well as flavorsome masalas. it is cooked till tender, And in your dinner party, this dish signifies assuredness to impress your guests.

 Malabar Fish Biryani

The traditional Malabar Fish Biryani in the dinner party can be gorged at all seasons. Relish the delightful taste of this ever-charming meat dish.

It is a fish biryani meriting every meal!

 Chicken 65

The Chicken 65 signifies supposed to have started in Madras (Chennai). The delightful, deep-fried way of Chicken 65 signifies the specific house of the Tamil Nadu. Some popular as well as easy-to-make meal fried, recipe, full of spice including the essences of garlic, ginger, as well as chilies. Softened including Guntur chilies, curry leaves as well as mustard seeds, the specific chicken recipe will give you wheezing still craving more!

 Chicken Patties

The chicken patties signify filled including minced chicken mix including upper layer signifies fried either baked. Also, you can make chicken patties furthermore it can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 to 4 days. And before serving it you can fry this. The specific upper layer signifies crispy as well as after holding a mouthful you can relish the tastes of the chicken core. While the chicken is mixed, you can combine cheese with either cream to improve the flavor or you can get it spicy as well as delicious by combining roasted Indian flavorings. This depends upon you as well as you can obtain its exceptions as per your taste.

 Nihari Gosht

The nihari ghosts traditional Muslim dishes, wherever specific meat about blends including specific gravy. Nihari Gosht meat dish traditionally indicates the mutton stew that is cooked at the low fame, and this meat dish was begun in the particular Awadhi kitchen of Lucknow. It is a traditional dish in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Nihari is additionally contemplated to be one national meal of Pakistan. A preeminent hint concerning rose water provides this a flawless ending.

It is one of the exceptional royal dishes that can be cooked for dinner parties with simple steps. You can serve this dish with paratha, naan, as well as rice also.

 Butter Chicken

In our blog, we have Kept the classic meat dish at the end! The Butter chicken remains any one-of-a-kind dish that has been carried down from one generation to another generation and endures a constant place on India’s dinner party menu. The recipe of the Butter Chicken dish is simple to follow as well as tenders for the dinner party!

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