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10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes In Indian Style That Everyone Should Try

Due to ethical reasons, many people do not consume beef or pork in India, The chicken is the most popular meat in Indian cuisine. And some of India’s most popular dishes utilize chicken, including several that are relished global at Indian restaurants. Furthermore, you can relish the authentic flavor of your beloved spiced chicken dishes at your home with the given best chicken recipes. Among the significant reasons that make the Indian cuisines most popular over the globe, signifies the usage of pungent spices. Certainly, it may be hot as well as spicy for some people, however, if you succeed while getting past that, then you will get it tough to resist specific curries as well as stir-fries gracing the particular table. Furthermore, if the chicken recipes signify what you enjoy, then here we have presented many mouth-watering chicken recipes that you can prepare!

Here in this blog, we have presented the top 12 chicken recipes of Indian style that everyone must try.

Some Of The Most Popular Chicken Recipes Of Indian Style

Butter Chicken 

The butter chicken remains the most popular chicken recipe of Indian style all over the world. It has originated from a specific Indian state Punjab, Butter Chicken has gained itself global popularity due to its sumptuous taste as well as the aroma. This is likewise easy to cook. The chicken is marinated completely overnight furthermore then roasted & cooked in the cream, tomato puree as well as masalas.

Chicken Roast 

Chicken Roast has remained one family favorite dish for years. Especially served as starters, this chicken dish never disappoints to delight the taste buds of all the foodies who love to eat chicken, irrespective of specific age groups. Furthermore, it’s extremely easy to cook and also doesn’t require a great list of ingredients. The marinated chicken signifies fried as well as sautéed by a spicy, as well as tangy masala paste. Subsequently, some green chilies remain added along by the fried onions as well as lemon juice to produce out that tangy flavor.

Kadai Chicken 

The kadhai chicken is also another household favorite chicken dish. In this dish the pieces of the chicken are sauteed with the bell peppers, jaggery, tamarind, spice paste, and lemon, to bring out its best color as well as flavor. Serve it hot with the Rotis or steamed rice and relish your guests.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The chicken tikka masala is one of the most delicious dishes made by marinating pieces of the chicken after that it is grilled furthermore then combined to the thick creamy gravy. You can plan it to prepare ahead so that the chicken can be marinated overnight into the yogurt as well as flavorings before making with the onion, tomatoes as well as cream.​ Chicken tikka masala can also be prepared in any Instant pot or Pressure Cooker.

Amritsari Chicken Masala 

It is one of the dishes that most Indians, particularly the Punjabis are beloved to their essences. The boneless chunks of the chicken slathered among an intense, buttery gravy of the cream, tomatoes, as well as spices, simply served hot along with the Naan or Roti. The preeminent mouth-watering aroma, as well as the taste of the Amritsari Chicken Masala, make it a dish that everyone should try. So, delight your guests with the best!

Teekha Murg 

If you love to eat spicy food, then you should not miss this most popular chicken recipe of Indian style. In this dish, specific tender chicken is tossed with the fiery masalas as ell as then cooked within the mustard oil among the tang of the tomatoes. You can serve it hot with Roti or Naan and make your fellows crave for more extra.

Chicken Dum Biryani 

The chicken Dum Biryani is also one of the all-time favorite dishes of chicken lovers all over the world. The Steamed rice, as well as the chicken, are moderately prepared into a Handi (it is a wide, wide-mouthed cooking container having its mouth sealed with the flour) simultaneously with the essential spices. Specific steam benefits in cooking exceptional dishes as well as churn out an overjoyed taste and fragrance.

Chicken Shami Kebab 

It is the most popular non-veg starter. Those are especially kebabs prepared with tender chicken as well as aromatic spices. you can serve this dish with the tangy coriander chutney so that you can further upgrade the enthusiasm.

Roasted Chicken Masala 

When you will plan to organize a party or any function at your home including a bonfire, then the Roasted Chicken masala will be the ideal snack, to start with. The specific method of cooking further doesn’t require much trouble. As the chicken is marinated into a host of the spicy masalas as well as roasted to completion. The specific precise blend of the ginger-garlic, chaat masala, red chili, peppercorn, tandoori as well as tang of lime presents it as a perfect dish for the parties.

Tandoori Chicken

It is also the most famous Indian chicken recipe, the tandoori chicken is enjoyed by people all over the world. The admirable thing regarding this dish signifies that it’s surprisingly easy to prepare. This dish receives its name from the specific process in which it is cooked—in a tandoor as well as clay oven. Subsequent when the chicken is completely marinated in a spiced yogurt blend, the pieces are strung over skewers as well as then placed into the tandoor to prepare. Don’t bother if you do not have the tandoor, this recipe designates for preparing the chicken into the traditional oven.

Dahi Chicken 

The Dahi chicken is also one of the best delightful chicken curry recipes that remains a hot preference among several people. The ideal blend of curd, as well as spices with the boneless chicken chunks, used to gratify your and your guest’s taste buds.

Lemon Chicken 

We can not forget the Lemon chicken when it comes to the Best Indian Chicken Recipes. This lemon chicken recipe among a tangy flavor of the lemon is enjoyed by the foodies of every age group who love to eat chicken. Specific juicy chicken thighs are cooked in the spices, juices of lime, orange as well as sugarcane will carve your guests to have more.

Therefore, here was the list of the best 10 chicken recipes of Indian custom. Here at Giggs Meat, we sell online fresh and raw chicken, and we take pride to offer some other delectable meat products to our customers. So if you want to make any of this chicken recipe you can order now for fresh online chicken and get a quick delivery at your doorstep.

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