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Mutton vs Chicken: Which one is the healthier meat

Mutton Vs Chicken

The human body constantly requires different varieties of good minerals, fats, vitamins, and proteins to develop, build, and live a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, a few pieces of evidence are available in which most of the individual utilizes Mutton and Chicken to enhance their health with the help of these Nutritious Food Products. Somebody who is a gym enthusiast and obsessed to make an amazing body and muscles needs more of the proteins and nutrients to strengthen their muscles and build a great physique. Both Mutton and Chicken play an important role in that, but there are a few differences as well which make them distinct from each other.

Protein is there in practically all the food we eat; however, it is a bit higher in Non-Vegetarian Food and all forms of meat whether White Meat or Red Meat. Red meat comprises mutton, beef, lamb, and pork, whereas white meat comprised of chicken, fish, and Turkey Bird. Meat is an important component of a balanced diet and it is very healthy for your body’s growth and development. There is a lot of Non-Vegetarian Products are available in the market, and at times it becomes complicated if you have to choose from a huge variety of food options.

Looking for the dishes becomes super difficult when you are looking to lose weight or either looking to become healthy because of any autoimmune disease or any health ailment. Below are a few differences we have mentioned which can make your overall health and will also help to lose weight and fight other diseases. Let’s discuss the Nutritional Values of Red Meat and White Meat and which has been proved scientifically healthier for your body.


Iron is an essential mineral that is necessary for your body since it aims at producing the blood cells in your body and iron deficiency leads to many health issues. Mutton is a Great Source Of Iron and it contains 2.7mg of iron per 100 grams. Chicken is also a Great Source Of Iron content however the iron content is half that of the red meat and it is only 1.3mg per 100 grams. Therefore, mutton is richer in iron content and wins the show. The red pigment is known as myoglobin which appears in mutton is very rich in iron that is the reason mutton is high in iron content.

Fat value 

People who are looking to lose weight and also wanted to have non-veg but something light and of less fat value can go for chicken which is also called white meat. White meat has less fat content when compared with red meat and it is also difficult to digest. Red meat contains 20 grams of fat per100 grams. However, the white meat that is Raw Chicken and Turkey Meat comprises only 14 grams and 7 grams per 100 grams of fat respectively. So if you are health conscious and also doctor has advised you to check on fat content and calories then white meat is the meat you should eat. White meat is also high in Omega 3 Fatty acids which are good fat and have excellent results for your health.


Protein is again an important nutrient for our body because it provides energy and works on building muscles and also strengthen our body too. It also plays an important role in enhancing our body’s immunity. Both mutton and chicken are a Rich Source Of Protein and there is very little difference in the protein value. Both Mutton and Chicken comprise 25-30 grams of Protein per 100 grams. If you are looking to build muscles and you have interests in bodybuilding or getting a lean body you can consume both as per your instructor’s instructions.


Vitamins are essential for our overall body development and all the vitamins play a major role in the body, especially Vitamin B, and both mutton and chicken are sufficiently a High Source Of Vitamin B2, B3, B5, and B6. All these vitamins play an important role in different actions of the body and especially responsible for the functioning of the central nervous system. Mutton has a higher content of Vitamin B-12 in it as compared to chicken. Vitamin B12 supports our nervous system and supports the production of blood cells and keeps them healthy. Therefore, mutton has taken over this category too. 

Healthy Heart 

The heart plays a vital role in the body and to stay fit we need a healthy heart and to keep the heart healthy we have to eat really well. Many experts say, that red meat contains high saturated fats which are not good for our heart since it increases cholesterol levels and higher levels of saturated fats lead to the risk of heart diseases. White meat comprises non-saturated fats which are good for the heart and produces good cholesterol levels. White meat is also a Great Source Of Selenium and Red Meat is rich in zinc. Selenium is essential for cognitive health and cardiovascular health. Both Phosphorous and calcium found in abundance in both types of meat.

Carcinogenic agent

White Meat Is Healthy Meat and no such evidence is available that it would cause cancer and is a cancer-causing food however per the reports of The World Health Organisation red meat is a cancer-causing food and eating it in high amounts increases the chances of developing cancer and it can prove harmful too.

Wrap up

According to the above discussions we have found that both the meats are fulfilled with nutrients and have Great Nutrition content however when we talk about the overall fitness and health of our body white meat is better than red meat.

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