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Difference Between Turkey and Chicken

Turkey Meat

Turkey is a big bird with fatty flesh, nurtured in huge farms, turkey’s head is bald and has red coloured wattles. Turkey is a traditional dish and is commonly prepared during the festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas and also during important occasions. Usually, it is prepared for a feast or a huge dinner party. Bird Turkey Meat is normally dark in colour, with a huge body mass and they do not possess feathers on the head and their neck. Turkeys are bigger than chicken and also heavier than chicken about 15 pounds more overweight.

Turkey is plunged from North American wild turkey. The foundation of turkey is assumed to be from the west, unlike chicken. Therefore Turkey Bird Meat is more prevalent in the west than in the east. Turkey Bird Meat is better as it has a tremendous quality of protein, vitamin B, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus content. It is prescribed for strong muscle growth and maintenance. Turkey is widely utilized for its meat. Its eggs are not used for consumption. There is an extensive range of treated Turkey Meat available in the market, but it is prudent not to eat treated turkey, since it would be less nutritious and than Fresh Turkey Bird Meat and will also contain a large amount of salt. It is darkened in colour which differentiates it from chicken meat, and it good for people looking to lose weight and build muscles since its calorie content is remarkably low and it’s very rich in proteins. 

People like to eat two types of turkey one is turkey with skin and the other is turkey without skin and the majority of people love to eat these two types of turkey meat. The contrast among these two turkeys are the skin on turkey has unsaturated fats and it 

tastes more pleasant in comparison to turkey without skin.

Chicken Meat

Chicken Meat is a lump of poultry meat and this bird is nurtured in small farms and chicken is the most versatile meats available everywhere and is very readily available. Consuming chicken is a frequent tradition in the Indian subcontinent, on successive days. People say that the chicken is originally originated in India but there is no certain proof about it and no traces of its origin. It has deteriorated from a red jungle bird gallus. Chickens have a distinctive look than turkey, they have feathers on the neck and head but turkeys do not have feathers, chickens have multicoloured feathers, and male chicken is a lot more bright in colours and have multiple colours. Chicken is a great source of protein and is very rich in other multivitamins and also recommended for gym freaks and good for body strength and building muscles. Apart from protein chicken is incorporated with potassium, calcium, and non-saturated fats. Chicken eggs are used on a large scale in India and are also an amazing source of protein and provide you with strength and energy to keep active for the whole day. 

Consuming chicken is not favoured by all in India, since India eating meat is against the religious value for a few people in India. In India mostly people are vegetarians and even vegans and most of them do not eat animal meat and animal products. People consuming meat in India are a few but people who are non-vegetarians definitely eat chicken, since it’s highly nutritious and very delicious with a variety of delights. Chicken’s meat is light-coloured meat, and it is also very easy to digest as compared to the other lean meats. Chicken promotes muscle growth, strengthens and supports heart health, assists weight loss, restores bone health, etc. Chicken is more difficult to digest when it is compared with turkey however lighter than red meat. In India, there are a large variety of dishes available which are made from chicken and they all states different and unique, and people enjoy these varieties a lot and have an edge over vegetarians because they definitely miss these delights with tremendous flavours.

Foremost Differences Between Turkey Meat and Chicken Meat

Bird Color

Turkey and chicken both vary in their colours, Turkey is darker in colour than chicken. Chicken is usually colourful however turkey is black in colour. 

Protein Content

Turkey is incorporated with a high amount of protein than chicken. Chicken is also a great source of protein but lower than Turkey.


Turkey is only used for its meat and it’s extensively famous for only that however chicken is famous for both its eggs and meat in India and also globally.


Turkey meat was originated from America whereas chicken was originated from India, though there is no proof of its origin.

 Meat colour

The colour of turkey meat is darker, therefore, it is known as dark meat whereas the colour of chicken meat is lighter in colour, and therefore it is known as white meat.


Turkey bird has no feather around the neck and head whereas chickens have a  lot of feathers around the head and neck.

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