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Top 9 Mutton Dishes in India

Mutton is one of the favourites meat globally and especially in India. India has many Royal Dynasties, and these dynasties are famous for their food, and mutton is one of the favourites of these royal kitchens. Many delights are made from Raw Mutton Online In Delhi, and people love those recipes and enjoy them the most. Today, we will discuss the most delicious and Favourite Mutton Recipe and the most popular ones in India. These Delicacies are extremely flavorful, succulent and tender, and full of richness and directly from the royal kitchen. Mutton prefers all meat-lover for a long time now, especially the Royal dishes like Lal Maas, Galouti Kebabs, Rogan Josh, Biryanis, which are amazing dishes that depict the Indian culture and tradition. The mutton is marinated with several spices and cooked by various methods and served hot and sizzling. We have a long List Of Mutton Recipes, but today we will talk about the Indian Mutton Dishes closest to the heart of Indians. Let’s have a look at nine Delicious Mutton Dishes.

Lucknowi Galouti Kebab

When it comes to snacks, Galouti kebabs are one of the most demanded Mutton Snacks In India and is also an important part of Awadhi cuisine. Galaouti’s were firstly cooked for the nawab of Lucknow; Galouti kebabs are succulent and flavorful and melt in your mouth, leaving the bursts of flavours of 150 spices. Earlier, We used all these spices while cooking these kebabs; however, its recipe has evolved over the years, and many easy variants are available. Galouti’s are made from minced meat marinated in spices and raw papaya, and they shallow fried in Ghee and are served with Ulta Tawa paratha and onions and mint sauce. It is one of the best savory dishes invented a long ago for a toothless Nawab of Lucknow, and it is meant to melt in the mouth.

North Indian Laziz Lamb Handi

Laziz Lamb handi is another delicacy, and the main ingredient is lamb; and it is a mildly spicy dish, smooth, rich, and aromatic lamb curry made from pure desi ghee. Small pieces of lamb are perfectly cooked till its tender and ready to melt in the mouth and finally served with rice or Naan.

Kashmiri Khatta Meat

Katta Meat is a Kashmiri Mutton Dish, and its main ingredients are mustard oil, loads of amchur, which makes the dish tangy and flavorful. It is a perfect delicacy with a perfect balance of spiciness and sourness. It is an Excellent Mutton Dish for special occasions, festivals, and dinner parties. This Dogri Speciality will make your guest enjoy the Most Delicious Mutton Recipes, which would be a blessing for their taste buds.

Rajasthani Laal Maas

Rajasthani Lal Maas is a Spicy Mutton Dish and a speciality of Rajasthan, and it’s a hot and spicy meat curry and is; this one is filled with red chillies. In Laal, Maas mutton is prepared in mustard oil and seasoned with the local kachori spice. This recipe is for those who can take the heat of red chillies and enjoy spicy food. It is a perfect combination of tender meat and the perfect blend of spices and a plentiful amount of Desi Ghee. It is one of the Most Delicious Mutton Dishes Of India.

North Indian Dhabi Da Keema

It is the Most Famous Mutton Recipe Of North India and is packed with a huge amount of flavours of tomatoes, onions, and lots of masalas and minced meat and is cooked in Dhaba style. It is a flavourful and spicy recipe and can be served with Naan, tandoori roti, rice, or Tawa roti with loads of raw onion and coriander chutney.

Mughalai Mutton Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is one of the favourite Dish of Indians and is the trademark of Kashmiri cuisine; meat is cooked until tender and soft with brown onions paste, aromatic spices, and fresh yoghurt. The abundance of Kashmiri red chillies gives an exciting and intense red colour to the mutton gravy.

Bengali Kosha Mangsho

A traditional and famous recipe from Bengal is its Bengali Mutton Curry, and it is traditionally called Kosha Mangsho. It is a spicy mutton dish with succulent mutton chunks and fragrant, intense spices. It is a traditional Bengali dish made during the festivities of the Durga Puja.

Badami Lamb Korma

Badami Lamb Korma is a healthful mutton delight, exploding intense and savoury tastes of fresh cream, almond paste, curd, and flavorful spices, to keep your body warm. This delicious Korma recipe can be served with any Indian bread or rice and even with Biryani and can be a show stopper at your dinner parties and occasions. The delicious taste of almonds would give an impression on your taste buds.

Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Awadhi Mutton Biryani is everyone’s favourite dish and is cooked with marinated mutton and fragrant rice and is packed with loads of flavours. It is directly from the royal kitchens of Awadh, full of aroma and richness of spices and amazing in taste. It is the perfect dish for any occasion, and even you do not need to wait for any occasion to make Awadhi mutton biryani at home.

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